I’m Hiring

Well, strictly speaking, Provoke is hiring…

I’ve now been working as the Director of Design & User Experience at Provoke for just under two years – in that time my small team has been flat-out conducting user research, usability reviews, designing conceptual models, information architectures and interaction designs for webapps, mobile devices and folk songs.

But despite all this frivolity high-value work we feel we’re missing something… or someone…

…Someone who can walk into a messy kids clients room intranet and (while singing a happy tune acting professionally ) sort every book file, lego block process and crayon tool into categories which would make sense to both a 7 year old 22 year old and a 55 year old. Someone who can emphathise with over-worked Mums Managers and steamline their household workplace.

We think it might be someone a bit like this…

Information Architect / Business Analyst

Provoke | Wellington, New Zealand

We’re seeking an intermediate-level Information Architect/Business Analyst who will ensure our clients (and their customers) can achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.

You will be expected to produce user scenarios, information structures, navigational diagrams, wireframes, paper prototypes and written specifications.

Your past projects should include demonstrable skills in translating complex concepts into interactive experiences. Familiarity with technology platforms, collaborative and prototyping tools will be necessary.

You will be responsible for designing and delivering both small and enterprise scale projects including websites, portals, intranets and web content management systems.

You will need:

  • Minimum of three years of Information Architecture industry work experience.
  • Experience working with or creating Business Requirements, Use Cases, Online Strategies and ROI metrics.
  • Working knowledge of Search Engines, SEO, Metadata, Thesauri, Categorisation, Content Management Systems and Web Analytics/Tracking.
  • Ability to gather effective business requirements, ask appropriate questions and communicate effectively to a broad range of people including users, designers, executives, marketers, producers and technical staff.
  • Can translate complex business requirements and functional specifications into a tangible design for the design and technology team.
  • Ability to conceptualise abstract ideas and manufacture concrete diagrams or schematics to explain them (including task flows and paper prototypes).
  • Excellent communication skills – both written and oral – with an eye for good spelling, copywriting and typography.
  • Ideally, a working knowledge of the NZ E-Government Web Guidelines.
  • Ideally, a degree or training in human-computer interaction, usability engineering, technical communications, cognitive psychology or a related field.

Provoke is a world-class, New Zealand-based company specialising in business-focused software excellence, utilising the Microsoft suite of technologies.

Contact zef@provoke.co.nz

2 responses to “I’m Hiring”

  1. Eoghan Avatar

    Can I work from Ireland?

  2. Zef Avatar

    Hi Eoghan – that’d be tricky considering the role involves face-to-face meetings with clients, users and Provoke people! Unlike some computer companies we live and work in the real world, not avatars!