I’m Hiring (Again…)

When you see the latest jaw-dropping feature from Flickr, 37signals, ZoomIn, TradeMe or [your favourite website], do you think, “how on earth did they do that”?

Do you then dig around the browser code, scour the web, read the blogs and try and actually find out HOW they did it?

Ever tried to DO it yourself?

Invented something new?

If you’ve got the ‘Future of Web Apps’ itch then I want to hear from you…

Provoke (where I lead the Design & User Experience team) are looking for an Interaction Designer (full-time role) to:

  • Design the user interactions and user interface for screen-based media.
  • Produce user scenarios, navigational diagrams, paper prototypes and written specifications.
  • Code the user interface.
  • Ensure customers can achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.

Platforms you will work on include webapps, websites, intranets, mobile devices, e-learning objects and content management systems.

The job is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Interested? Know someone? Email zef@provoke.co.nz

Provoke specialise in user-centred web applications which are behind many NZ organisations and companies including the Fire Service, National Bank, Student Job Search, ALAC and the ANZ Bank.