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Meantime, in my day job…

Recent success stories from the Provoke coal face (where I manage a small team of interaction designers)…

The National Bank of New Zealand’s new plastic fantastic personalised photo cards have been so popular that oil prices in New Zealand have shot up yet again. During beta-testing I cheekily tried submitting this cartoon of a rabbit drinking vodka for My Photo Card, but it was a no-go… (I have however seen some very nice cards around with gorgeous NZ landscapes and happy families).


And a recent tertiary student campaign – Get Amped – smashed all records at the National Bank for students signing up for a new bank account. The free MP3 player probably had something to do with it, but I also like to think the online sign-up process was so easy and intuitive that students were doing it in their sleep, at parties and in between playing Xbox.

Student Job Search loved their new and improved online registration forms so much that they’ve ditched   their paper forms and have installed internet kiosks in their main branches for all new applicants. If you’re wanting a student to help your business or for home chores you never get the time to do, you too can register and place a job ad! (you must be in New Zealand to use this service).

And today the public information website for Grants Online was relaunched – it’s W3C code compliant and a very nice example of E-Government friendliness. Designed to load fast over slow modems, it’s scarily fast over a broadband connection. I also dig the simple little Maori/English language switcher – very slick!


And in other news…

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