Working with alcohol industry leaders, this website creates an experience that empowers a range of people to make good decisions on what, how often and how much they drink.

The Challenge

Create an experience that empowers a range of people to make good decisions on what, how often and how much they drink – no lecturing required!


We had a considerable amount of existing research that we reviewed, and we extended that a little where we had knowledge gaps. That took us to some interesting places, such as the accident and emergency centre at Wellington Hospital. We learnt about the extreme end of drinking behaviour – and it ain’t pretty. We also learnt about the touchpoints with some of the more tricky audiences we needed to reach. We developed personas based on our research, and created content that would speak to each type of drinker and in terms that resonated with them.

We also researched the introduction of the new brand we developed (from ‘drinking responsibly’ to “cheers”) to be sure it was working with the various audiences.

The Idea

Turning the self-help model on its head, we instead took the approach to allow users to simply compare themselves to others like them, and make their own judgements about their drinking. Instead of wagging the finger about alcohol, we adopted an overall tone of ‘the drinker’s friend’. Drinking is a normal part of society, and the societal norms are not the heavy drinking that makes headlines, but are actually more modest. Comparing yourself with others like you, then allows you to consider things like introducing more dry days into your week, or counting your drinks on a big night out to stay in control.

The Tech

It’s a simple, static HTML website that is fully responsive to mobile devices.

The Results

We’ve created a refreshing website which makes use of engaging infographics, tips and interactives. You find out if your drinking is normal – and experiment to see how a few small changes to your last drinking session would have affected you blood alcohol levels, your budget and your health. It’s a great way to allow people to better understand the impacts of their drinking behaviour and come to their own conclusions about drinking less, or drinking the same amount but over a longer time period.

Year: 2010
Agency: Click Suite

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Client: The Tomorrow Project