Agency: Click Suite

How do you catch the attention of busy rich-listers? 

Nestled in the heart of the iconic section of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands is picture perfect Omarino. Working with the brand guardians Radiation, our job was to help sell gorgeous multi-million dollar properties to the world’s rich and famous.

We knew that we needed to capture their attention and help Omarino stand out as stunning, authentically New Zealand and a place they might like to call home. The resulting website is multi-platform and highly visual. It gives the buyer a tantalising view of the sections – which they can explore with a swipe or a click – just enough to whet their appetite and draw them on to contact the agent.

The site works without plug-ins and has been optimised for touch-devices. The stunning imagery responds to fill the screen for maximum effect, while elegant web typography tells the story of each unique section on offer. Audio gives the visitor ambient sounds of lapping waves, tuis, magpies and gulls… giving it the genuine feel of a quintessential kiwi coastline!

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