prototyping tools for web design

After a slow start to the year, the Wellington Usability Professionals group has an exciting series of events planned for 2007!

To kick things off, their next meeting is Tuesday April 3rd and will be about prototyping tools for web design.

A rapid iterative prototyping process is often used with user centred design (UCD) methodologies.

With web based UCD designs interaction designers use a variety of tools to create, refine and test prototypes. With so much to learn about each tools\’ advantages/disadvantages, it can sometimes be helpful to simply talk to someone who has used the tool.

Come along to the next Wellington UPA meeting to listen to  six speakers talk for 10 minutes each on a tool that they have used for prototyping. The speakers are:

  1. Dave O\’Brien, Optimal Usability, talking about Microsoft Visio
  2. Lulu Pachuau, Hansel, talking about Omnigraffle
  3. Nicole Kaufmann, Optimal Usability talking about Axure
  4. Isha Hartono, Provoke talking about Microsoft Expression Suite
  5. Tim Norton and Natalie Ferguson, Plan HQ talking about Adobe Flash
  6. Mary Sue Severn, Effacy, talking about their own tool Simplar Studio