Trade Me Your Region

The Trade Me ‘change my region’ feature assumes New Zealanders are hermits – never leaving the comfort of their internet device, home, street or town.

I live and work in more than one region.The purpose of ‘change my region’ is to allow people to search for goodies in ‘their region’ (or, alternatively, over the whole of New Zealand).

It’s a useful little feature, but for years I’ve also found it frustrating.

Why? …because I’m forced to select a single region as ‘my region’.

While many Trade Me customers might search for little things such as books and gadgets anywhere in New Zealand (and have them couriered if they win the auction) – big items inevitably require a trailer or truck – so people will look for goodies closer to home.

But New Zealand is a small country, and we love to travel – so I think many people will gladly drive an hour or two to pick-up their newly won Shacklock coal range with green and cream enamel trim.

Consider the following real life scenarios:

[me] I live in Kapiti, commute to Wellington, and visit Wanganui about once every second month. Where’s my region? Well, given just one option, I have Wellington as my default, even though I’m also within a short drive of the Wanganui, Manawatu and Wairarapa regions.

[my mum] An avid collector and seller of rare NZ-made pottery, my Mum likes to collect her latest findings in person. While she is mostly based in Wanganui, she frequently makes trips to Wellington, Auckland and the South Island. She has well-worn pathways through Wanganui, Manawatu, Wellington (going South) and Taranaki, Waikato and Auckland (going North).

So, with the current Trade Me system we’re changing around our regions constantly. It’s annoying, and unnecessary, and I strongly suspect we’re not the only ones.

The solution is simple…

Trade Me should turn the radio buttons into checkboxes and let customers search across more than one region.

13 responses to “Trade Me Your Region”

  1. Derek - Hikurangi Avatar

    Mention of the Shacklock Champion coal range ( cream and green ) made me pick up and take notice. I live in a 1915 villa and my coal range is beyond repair. I have located a replacement and would appreciate any advice on how the old coal range is dismantled from its current position. Does anyone know of a DIY book on the subject? Installation of the replacement coal range will be left to the experts but taking out the old unit should be possible

  2. Steve Avatar

    Derek, did you solve your coalrange conundrum?

  3. Deb Avatar

    I would like the same on coal range "Champion 2". I wld like any information I can get.

  4. Steve Avatar

    Deb, there is a good possibility that you can get parts for your Champion. See my email and write if you need advice.

  5. Paul Avatar

    Hi I have spares for champion stoves of all types so if you are still looking let me know

  6. Allison Avatar

    I have a green and cream Champion range and would like to know how everyone is getting on with their ranges.Does anyone know where in Canterbury I can have repairs done or buy spare parts?
    We live rurally and I would not be without my range.It provides heat,hot water,clothes drying,lamb revival and a cooking option at all times and I am especially grateful for it during Winter power cuts.

  7. Julie Avatar

    Paul, how can I contact you re spares for Champion Coal Range model DL42RH. Many thanks.

  8. Paul Avatar

    Hi there im looking for a shacklock 501 does anyone know were i can get one.

  9. Gary Brodie Avatar

    Brought a house with a Shacklock 501 coal range and am wanting to know how to control the oven as it seen a bit inconsistant with heat.

  10. John Corcoran Avatar

    Hi does anyone have access to installation plans or instructions for a shacklock range?

  11. Paula Avatar

    Allison, did you find someone in Canterbury that deals with coal ranges? I also have one that I am looking for parts for and would like it refurbished.

  12. Allison Avatar

    No joy Paula.There used to be a place at Woolston,years ago,but I haven’t been able to track them down.I am keeping a watch on Trade Me.

  13. Diane Avatar

    Just in the stage of going into a new place and there is a coal range in the house (green and cream) in working order. We will be removing and selling the coal range – this will be available December/January. Will be able to give more details re model etc by next week.