When the Web Was Young

Glimpses of zef[a]media between 1995 and 1999 – courtesy of the Wayback Machine…

[Note: Wayback Machine isn’t perfect, some links and images are missing].


I’ve been scouring the archives to find versions of this website from 1994-95, but all I could recover was this logo…

My website logo way back in '94
My website logo way back in '95



Watch the Gathering Doco online! (well, sort of)


“So what happened to all the music?” (you might be wondering). Well, my music creations can be now be found over here.

And the future? Well, you can expect…

  • More sporadic weblogs (once a week is my goal).
  • Interviews with a few Kiwi usability gurus.
  • And I’m slowly gathering material for a regular Podcast – coming in 2007!