Powershop: Head of Design (2013-2016)

During my tenure as the Head of Design at Powershop (now known as Flux Federation), I led a dynamic team of nine designers, consisting of customer researchers, product designers, and graphic designers. Our collective efforts played a pivotal role in transforming Powershop’s design capabilities and user experience, leading to significant achievements and industry recognition.

Key Responsibilities:

Team Leadership and Growth:

  • Established and directed an award-winning team of designers, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration.
  • Successfully recruited and managed a diverse talent pool, ensuring a high-performance team capable of delivering innovative design solutions.
  • Implemented a comprehensive design strategy and program management, aligning our efforts with the company’s objectives.

Product Evolution and Innovation:

  • Led the research and design initiatives for various products, including the Energy Diary mobile app, a new product interface for the web app, a website refresh, and usability enhancements to the admin suite.
  • Leveraged Lean UX principles to create a collaborative workplace, facilitating efficient product development and improvements.
  • Introduced personas, pattern library, A/B testing, and user testing, enhancing the overall user experience and product performance.

Brand Strategy and International Expansion:

  • Crafted an award-winning brand manual and international brand strategy, strengthening Powershop’s brand identity and positioning.
  • Developed a comprehensive management plan, enabling the licensing of Powershop’s brand in Australia, the UK, and Europe.

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved an impressive 144% growth in customer numbers during my tenure, contributing significantly to Powershop’s success.
  • Played a pivotal role in creating an in-house Design/UX team, resulting in a highly effective and cohesive design-driven culture.
  • Boosted customer engagement and product purchases by 10% in 2015, a testament to the impact of our user-centered design approach.
  • Contributed to Powershop’s impressive NPS score of +45, well above the industry average of -40, reflecting our dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Secured a remarkable customer satisfaction score of 90% in an independent survey conducted by Consumer NZ during my term.
  • Received numerous accolades and awards, including the Excellence in Design award at the 2015 New Zealand International Business Awards.
  • Played a critical role on the strategic team that secured a multi-million licensing deal in the UK, further expanding Powershop’s global reach.


  • Winner, Excellence in Design, 2015 New Zealand International Business Awards
  • Silver, Business Communication – 2015 Best Awards (Powershop CX Manual)
  • Finalist, Moving Images, 2015 Best Awards (The Future of Electricity)
  • Finalist, Applications, 2014 Best Awards (Powershop Mobile App)
  • Finalist, Best Effect, 2014 Best Awards (Powershop Mobile App)

During my time at Powershop, I demonstrated the power of effective design and user experience in driving growth, customer satisfaction, and international expansion. My contributions significantly impacted the success and recognition of Powershop as an innovative leader in the energy sector.

2015 New Zealand International Business Awards – Winner, Excellence in Design (Powershop)
2015 Best Design Awards – Silver, Business Communications (CX Manual)
2015 Best Design Awards – Finalist, Moving Images (The Future of Electricity)

Below is just a small selection of my team’s work: