ZoomIn BloomIn Brilliant

Zoomin is a New Zealand dynamic street map site, where you can zoom, pan and navigate around the map in real time. Sound Googlesk? Well, it is, but better.

What I really like about it is the user experience – it’s uncluttered and simple to use – minimal navigation and appropriate use of AJAX.

And, what’s more, I can simply cut and paste the URL and it maintains the location – important if I want to bung my current location in an email.

All I can say is go try it for yourself.

The prototype web-based application was built by Projectx Technology Limited – a startup company founded in mid-2005 in Wellington, New Zealand.

They say “we’re building a better platform for discovering information online”, and list the likes of Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Google, Ebay, Amazon, 37signals and Lulu as their inspiration.