Kiwibank’s Secret Formula?

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  1. I find it hard to belive that you had to go through such a difficult time applying for your Kiwibank Credit Card. I am a dedicated employee of Kiwibank and stand by it’s E.A.S.I process. I would like to take this further and make an attempt to understand why you may have gone through such a "test" as you called it and investigate the events in processing your credit card application. I have taken a few details from the website and will be in touch with the author of this investigation.

  2. Since this post (in 2006) Kiwibank contacted me, acknowledged the issue and said they would review their process.

    See the followup post here:

    Recently (in 2008) I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the bank and I’ve been greatly impressed by the attitude of the company and their renewed focus on the customer experience.

    So treat my post as a bit of history and a lesson which I hope helped make Kiwibank even better!

  3. I had a very similar experience with Kiwibank. I filled in all their forms online and then recieved a letter asking for all the extra neccessary paperwork including statements and photo ID which needed to be confirmed by a Kiwibank employee. On going to my closest branch I was told they only deal with loans and not credit card applications, so I left with the paper work in my hands and called Kiwibank to ask what was going on. They were very good over the phone and just told me to post it into them. I then recieved another letter asking for the same information I had already given them and on calling them they confirmed that they had receiebd it and told me to forget the letter, and then after all that my application was declined because I had gone over my other banks credit card limit by a few dollars whereby giving me a bad credit rating.

  4. I believe they have become complacent with their success.Kiwibank staff in some instances do not know their job as fully as a customer would expect and desire.It is a nuisance when you have to tell counter staff that they are in error and they go to management to find that the customer is indeed right.

    Anyway thanks to their coming into being other banks have now got their acts together and are competitive removing the need for "the peoples bank" and it’s crippling fees which appear on the statement requiring the phone call to have them explained.Nowadays I feel it is no better with it’s fees than the bank I originally left to join them.In fact the old bank is now very competitive with Kiwibank and is looking to be a very desirable alternative.

    The only thing attractrive about kiwibank is the number of branches but it is a damn nuisance having to being told you have to make an appointment to see a banking "expert".

  5. I too have had similar experienes with not just credit cards but home loans. The mobile Manager saw me quickly however I had to wait nearly a week to get an answer on my loan when competitors could do it same day or next day. it appears these Mobile Managers dont have the approval abilities of other banks and are managers in name only. The Manager was embarassed about the delay, apologetic but it appeared others at Kiwibank didn’t view my application as anything other than an inconvenience.
    When my loan was finally approved they didn’t issue me with a credit card (they had lost my prior credit application by the way) despite the manager requesting one on the same form as the home loan.
    The final straw came I wasn’t called about mortgage insurance and I had requested cover.
    Overall an unpleasant experience.

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