11 Must-Follow Kiwi User Experience Evangelists on Twitter

Being down-under often means we are off the radar. But did you know that New Zealand is also brimming with UX (User Experience) evangelists?

This is my list of Twitter must-follows for any New Zealander interested in locals talking about usability, user experience, information architecture and interaction design. This is by no means a comprehensive list of UX experts in NZ, just those I know of on Twitter who are talking about UX-related topics.

For now I’ve only included folks who frequently share their knowledge, ideas and findings on the above topics –   the sort of things strategy, design and technical people might find useful.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions via the comments.



Luke Pittar, Wellington
I have become change, and am committed to stay that way.

Luke is what I’d call a “new-wave UX”. He sketches rapid prototypes on paper with a holistic approach to the user experience.



Vicky Teinaki, Auckland, New Zealand

Going digital native: MDes grad, Locus Research IxDer, Johnny Holland blogger, UX evangelist.

I’ve only just starting subscribing to Vicky’s tweets. Check out her presentation UX 101.



Peter Grierson, New Zealand
Usability consultant in NZ

One of the most prolific sharer of news and links – a 24/7 Twitter?



Lance Wiggs, Wellington, New Zealand
Insufficiently suppressed motorbike traveller

Lance might not regard himself as a User Experience expert – but his tweets and blog posts are often square-bang in the centre of what UX is all about.



Elyssa Timmer, New Zealand
web strategy girl, speaker, cofounder, webstock.org.nz, mom, mountain lover, dressage rider

Frequently shares links. Well networked.



Lulu Pachuau, Wellington, New Zealand
I help people think out loud. I am loud.

Lulu is loud and talented and likes to share her thoughts and ideas.



Caroline Jones, New Zealand
Interaction Designer, usability and UX. Talks fast but rides a fast horse.

Caroline covers the full gamet of UX.



Trent Mankelow, Wellington

I suspect Trent is the most conferenced and networked UX guru in NZ – he posts some interesting conference insights and odd stuff.



Emily Loughnan, Wellington
Using new technology to tell engaging stories

Your source for emerging trends in UX, social media and technology. She’s been playing and working in this space for over 15 years.



Martin Sidoruk, Wellington, New Zealand
I work at Ogilvy as a GAD/Planner, I’m a Design Strategist with interests in UXD, all things digital, Service Innovation and marketing.

Martin doesn’t Twitter often, but when he does Martin posts interesting links related to strategy and innovation related topics.



Steve Arnold, Christchurch, New zealand

Digital art director. Love UCD, UX, and crash helmets. Learning the Piano Accordion.

Another newbie on my list. Sounds like Steve is a wireframe afficondo?

Oh, and one lucky-last, must-follow Twitterer…

@zefamedia !