Behavioural Change to Reduce Energy Loads

The Challenge

Tally joined forces with Simply Energy Australia to tackle a pressing challenge: engaging customers in a volatile energy market while curbing peak load. Recognizing the significance of customer loyalty, Simply Energy sought a valuable and user-friendly demand response experience.


Our research dived into customer expectations and energy usage habits. Industry reports, customer surveys, and market trends provided insights into the dynamic energy landscape. Call center logs and usability tests gathered customer feedback on preferences and pain points.


The research revealed an opportunity to develop a behavioral demand response (BDR) product. This product would empower energy users to actively manage their resources during peak times. The goal was to foster engagement by offering intuitive tools and incentives for energy optimization, bridging the gap between consumers and providers.


Tally BDR stood out as an industry-leading solution, offering the following key benefits:

User-Centric Design: TTally BDR embraced a user-centric approach, delivering a seamless and intuitive experience. Clear messaging, actionable insights, and straightforward tools empowered users to optimize their energy usage.

Multi-Channel Accessibility:  Tally BDR reached customers through various channels, accommodating their communication preferences. Email and SMS accessibility enhanced convenience and engagement.

Data-Driven Personalization:  Tally BDR harnessed granular data to provide personalized insights and recommendations. Market or real-time data enabled tailored guidance for informed energy consumption decisions.

Flexibility and Scalability:  Tally BDR’s design allowed customization for energy providers, tailoring the program to customer segments and experimenting with targets, rewards, and fulfillment strategies. This flexibility ensured adaptation to evolving needs.

The Result

The implementation of Tally BDR yielded significant results:

Engaged Customers: Tally BDR empowered customers to understand their energy usage and reduce load during peak events. Personalized messaging and intuitive interfaces motivated active participation in demand response programs.

Grid Stability: Tally BDR balanced supply and demand by encouraging off-peak energy use, contributing to grid stability. The reduced need for costly energy during peak periods benefitted both providers and end-users.

Sustainable Energy Practices:  Tally BDR facilitated the integration of renewable energy resources, managing demand effectively. This transition promoted sustainability and decreased reliance on fossil fuels, nurturing a greener future.

Customer Satisfaction:  Tally BDR received highly positive feedback, boasting impressive Net Promoter Scores (NPS) exceeding +65. The user-friendly experience, personalized insights, and financial incentives fostered loyalty and positive brand perception.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Tally and Simply Energy Australia resulted in the successful implementation of Tally BDR. By leveraging behavioral demand response principles and prioritizing user experience, customers actively managed energy consumption and reduced peak load. The solution not only enhanced satisfaction and loyalty but also contributed to grid stability and sustainable energy practices.

Product: Tally BDR (Behavioural Demand Response)
Agency: Tally Group
Client: Simply Energy Australia
My Role: Product Designer