Innovations in Energy

The Challenge

At Tally, I embarked, with my team, on the challenge set by EnergyAustralia: to create user-friendly and modern energy services that save customers time and money. Our goal was to simplify the energy experience, address pain points, and establish EnergyAustralia as a leader in the energy industry.


Collaborating with EnergyAustralia’s in-house user researcher team, we ran co-design sessions to undercover customer needs, pain points, and emerging trends. Industry reports, market insights, and customer feedback informed our understanding of the energy landscape. User interviews and usability tests provided direct feedback to shape the future of EnergyAustralia’s services.


The research revealed an opportunity to introduce innovative products and services that simplify the energy experience, save customers time and money, and enhance satisfaction. Leveraging technology and user-centered design, we aimed to address pain points and offer innovation.


Working closely with EnergyAustralia, we developed a range of innovative energy services:

Streamlined Self-Service: An intuitive online portal and mobile app allowed customers to manage accounts, track usage, and make payments seamlessly.

Prepay Energy and Power Top-ups via Mobile App:  Customers gained flexibility and control over energy usage through the mobile app, topping up power balance and monitoring expenses in real time.

Personalized Energy Plans: Tailored plans based on consumption patterns, preferences, and pricing options optimized cost savings and efficiency.

Energy Usage Insights:  Interactive dashboards and real-time notifications provided valuable consumption insights and opportunities for energy-saving decisions.

Solar Plus Plan:  Customers could own a solar and battery system, reducing reliance on the grid through an interest-free loan.

Stack On:  Centralized management of energy, mobile data, and insurance services simplified service management and offered convenience through a single online portal and mobile app.

By delivering these innovative energy services, EnergyAustralia and Tally aimed to enhance the user experience, provide greater control and flexibility, promote renewable energy adoption, simplify service management, and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.


The Result

Product trials through the ON by EnergyAustralia platform yielded positive results:

Customer Satisfaction: Subscription trials improved budgeting and provided flexibility, peace of mind, and usage alerts.

Affordable Solar Solutions: Solar Plus Plan and Ultra Solar Plan eliminated upfront costs, making solar energy accessible and contributing to grid stability.

Future Opportunities: Positive feedback and demand indicated plans to relaunch and extend the benefits to a broader customer base.

In conclusion, our collaboration with EnergyAustralia showcased our commitment to customer-centric innovation. The introduction of innovative services simplified energy management, protected customers from surprises, made solar energy more affordable, and reinforced EnergyAustralia’s focus on exceptional user experiences.

Brand: On by EnergyAustralia
Agency: Tally Group
Client: EnergyAustralia
My Roles: UX Strategy, Product Design Lead, Squad Manager