IoT for the win! 

Case Study: Scorz
Agency: SleevesUp
Client: Scorz

Our Challenge

As the UX Design Lead at SleevesUp, we were approached by Scorz, the global leader in live sports IoT celebration products. They sought our expertise in designing their new consumer retail brand and optimizing the user experience across their hardware IoT products and digital presence. The challenge was to create engaging experiences that would captivate sports fans and amplify their excitement during live games.


To kickstart the project, our team conducted extensive research to gain insights into the current fan experience. We analyzed user flows, identified pain points, and evaluated the existing sign-up and device connection processes. Through user testing and rapid prototyping, we sought to understand the needs and expectations of sports fans and explore ways to enhance their overall experience.


During the research phase, we identified a significant opportunity to drive fan engagement by highlighting partner brands and physical products. We envisioned an immersive digital experience that would capture fans’ anticipation leading up to sports events and create a seamless connection between the mobile app and the live event experience. This presented an opportunity to redesign the app, create a new brand identity, and design labels for Scorz’s mass-produced IoT products.


Working closely with Scorz, we embarked on a comprehensive design journey:

App Redesign: We reimagined the mobile app to accommodate multiple partner brands, ensuring their prominence and alignment with fan preferences. The user flow was optimized to make sign-up and device connection more intuitive and seamless.

Digital Presence: We created an exciting new brand identity and digital presence that reflected the passion and excitement of sports fandom. The website and social media channels were transformed into immersive platforms where fans could engage with the Scorz brand and access relevant information.

Physical Product Design: We designed visually appealing labels for Scorz’s IoT celebration products, including the iconic hockey light and goal-synced beer glass. The labels showcased the partner brands and enhanced the overall aesthetics of the products.

The Result

The collaboration between SleevesUp and Scorz yielded remarkable results:

Memorable Experiences: Through our redesign efforts, we successfully brought the celebration moments from the mobile app to the live sports events. Fans experienced heightened excitement as their favorite team scored, with Scorz’s IoT products lighting up in sync with the game.

Enhanced Fan Engagement: The immersive digital experience, featuring partner brands and captivating visuals, significantly increased fan engagement. Fans eagerly anticipated sports events, actively participated in the app, and shared their experiences on social media.

Seamless Brand Integration: By incorporating multiple partner brands into the app and physical product labels, Scorz achieved seamless brand integration. The partner brands gained visibility and recognition among sports fans, fostering brand loyalty and creating valuable marketing opportunities.

In conclusion, as the UX Design Lead at SleevesUp, our collaboration with Scorz resulted in the creation of memorable and engaging experiences for sports fans. By optimizing the user flow, redesigning the app, and enhancing the digital presence, we successfully captured the excitement of live sports events. The seamless integration of partner brands and visually appealing physical product design further amplified fan engagement and strengthened brand recognition. The success of this project showcased our ability to deliver exceptional user experiences and drive fan engagement in the sports industry.