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IoT for the win! 

Our Challenge

Scorz is the global leader in live sports IoT celebration products. Their flagship product is an iconic hockey light that goes off every time a fan’s favourite team scores. Another product range is a goal-synced beer glass that lights up when the fan’s team scores. SleevesUp worked with Scorz to design their new consumer retail brand across all their sports-fan consumer experiences, including their hardware IoT products and digital presence. 


SleevesUp worked with Scorz to understand the current fan experience. We optimised the user flow for sign-up and connecting devices to make it more intuitive. We explored ways to enhance the experience of fans connecting their devices and tested rapid prototypes on end users.


We saw an opportunity to drive fan engagement by making their partner brands and physical products more prominent. A redesign of the app accommodated multiple brands while engaging fans in anticipation of the sports event. Within a fortnight we created a new exciting brand identity and digital presence, as well as labels for their mass-produced physical IoT products. 

The Result

With Scorz we rapidly created memorable experiences for the consumer; bringing the celebration moments from the mobile app to the event.


Client: Scorz

Agency: SleevesUp

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