Giving made easy

Case Study: Revolutionizing Non-Profit Donor Management
Agency: SleevesUp
Client: Aida for Good

The Challenge

As Head of Design at SleevesUp, I partnered with Aida, a leading Not-for-Profit organization specializing in building quality, regular giving donors for other non-profit organizations. Our challenge was to replace their expensive and outdated technology stack while redesigning their fragmented customer experience.


In collaboration with Aida, we conducted a thorough assessment of their existing systems to identify areas of improvement and elimination. Our research also focused on understanding how a newly designed service experience could scale to meet the evolving technology landscape, client requirements, and future growth.


adia relied on a mix of partially built in-house software and outsourced solutions from a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, resulting in significant annual costs. The opportunity arose to rebuild their system from scratch, allowing Aida to save on SaaS fees, achieve self-sufficiency, and enhance their customer experience.

The Solution

Employing an iterative approach, SleevesUp introduced a series of rolling Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to gradually replace Aidas aging platform. This strategy enabled us to keep their current system operational while incrementally designing, building, and deploying the new system. By gradually phasing out the old systems as the new ones came online, we ensured minimal disruption to Aida’s daily operations.

The Result

Through our phased implementation approach, Aida seamlessly transitioned to the new system, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced operational costs. By eliminating expensive SaaS fees, Aida achieved financial savings while gaining complete control and autonomy over their technology infrastructure. Moreover, the redesigned customer experience elevated the level of engagement and satisfaction among their donors, leading to increased donor retention and support for their non-profit partners.

By collaborating closely with Aida and leveraging our expertise in UX design, we successfully delivered a transformative solution that not only addressed their technological and operational challenges but also empowered them to thrive in their mission of making a positive impact on the non-profit sector.