“Lower bills and lower emissions. That’s good for business.”

The Challenge

As the Head of Design at SleevesUp, I was entrusted with the task of building a Brand, UX and energy-spend engagement platform for SpendWatt. SpendWatt aimed to provide enterprises with a solution that would enhance customer retention and drive market share growth in the energy services industry. The challenge was to develop a platform that would enable users to understand their energy usage, optimize consumption, and manage energy demand effectively.


Collaborating closely with SpendWatt, our team conducted extensive research to gain insights into their user base and long-term business strategy. We mapped out the ideal customer experience and engaged with different stakeholders to identify pain points in the current sales process. Through this research, we discovered that the existing methods for quoting and estimation in the energy services sector were cumbersome, often inaccurate, and in need of disruption.


Recognizing the opportunity to streamline the sales process and improve efficiency, SpendWatt aimed to design a solution that would provide flexibility for enterprise customers. Their mission was to empower prospects in the energy services market to take meaningful and efficient action in reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. By addressing the pain points in the sales process, SpendWatt sought to revolutionize the way enterprises engage with energy services.


Working closely with SpendWatt, we developed a robust pilot SaaS platform that set out to revolutionise the energy services market:

Energy Efficiency Targeting: SpendWatt’s platform made it easy for users to identify energy service solutions that would result in measurable reductions in bills and lower emissions. Through data analysis and insights, enterprises could optimize their investment in renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies, leading to long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

Streamlined Sales Process: The platform facilitated seamless communication, accurate quoting, and fast turnaround for enterprises. From following up on leads to conducting pre-site assessments and cost estimations, SpendWatt’s solution eliminated the cumbersome and error-prone aspects of the sales process, enabling enterprises to efficiently engage with their customers.

Flexibility and Customization: SpendWatt’s platform offered real flexibility for enterprise customers. The solution could be tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each business, ensuring a personalized experience that aligned with their energy goals and objectives.

The Result


41% Bill Reduction
40% Emissions Reduction
4.5yrs Payback

Averaged over both domestic and commercial solutions generated, leveraging the SpendWatt engine.

The collaboration between SleevesUp and SpendWatt resulted in a groundbreaking energy-spend engagement platform that achieved significant results:

Efficient Energy Management: SpendWatt’s platform empowered businesses and households to optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and lower their environmental footprint. By providing insights and actionable recommendations, the platform enabled users to make informed decisions that resulted in tangible energy savings.

Enhanced Sales Efficiency: The streamlined sales process eliminated inefficiencies and inaccuracies, leading to improved customer experiences and increased conversion rates. Enterprises could effectively engage with prospects, provide accurate quotes, and deliver fast turnaround times, ultimately boosting their market share and driving revenue growth.

Real-time Communication: The platform facilitated rapid and seamless communication between enterprises and customers. This enabled timely and effective collaboration, ensuring a smooth and transparent process from start to finish.

In conclusion, as the Head of Design at SleevesUp, our collaboration with SpendWatt resulted in the development of an innovative energy-spend engagement platform. By leveraging user research and identifying pain points in the sales process, we created a solution that empowered enterprises to optimize energy usage, streamline sales operations, and achieve their energy efficiency goals. The platform’s success in enhancing energy management, improving sales efficiency, and enabling real-time communication showcased the power of user-centric design and innovation in driving meaningful impact in the energy services market.

Product: SpendWatt SaaS App
Agency: SleevesUp
Client: Lean Energy