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“Lower bills and lower emissions. That’s good for business.”



Bill Reduction 


Emissions Reduction 


Averaged over both domestic and commercial solutions generated, leveraging the SpendWatt engine.

The Challenge

SpendWatt provides energy consulting and technology solutions to help customers understand their energy usage, optimise their energy consumption and manage their energy demand. In 2018 they approached SleevesUp to build their energy-spend engagement platform, enabling enterprises to boost customer retention and grow market share in the energy services market. I was the UX Lead on the project.


SleevesUp worked with SpendWatt to understand their user-base and long-term business strategy. This research involved mapping out the ideal customer experience and consulting the different stakeholders to identify pain-points in the current sales process. Through understanding all the different people and system interactions, we saw that the current methods for quoting and estimation were cumbersome, often inaccurate, and ripe for disruption across the energy services sector.


SpendWatt’s mission was to expose the very best prospects in the energy services market to take significant and efficient action in reducing energy bills and Co2. Spendwatt saw an opportunity to help streamline the sales process right through from following up a lead to pre-site assessments to site visits and cost estimations. SpendWatt’s goal was to design a solution that would provide real flexibility for its enterprise customers.

The Result

SpendWatt’s SaaS platform makes it easy for users to target energy service solutions that will lead to a measurable reduction in bills and lower emissions. SpendWatt’s product enables businesses and households to optimise investment in renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. The platform also allows rapid communications, accurate quoting and fast turnaround.

Client: Spendwatt

Agency: SleevesUp

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