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Case Study: Empowering Growth through Digital Strategy for a Leading Australian Plumbing Services Provider
Agency: SleevesUp
Client: New Plumbing Services

The Challenge

As Head of Design at SleevesUp, I had the opportunity to work with a leading Australian plumbing services provider on their UX Strategy. They sought to enhance their marketing strategy and leverage digital platforms to increase awareness and drive future growth. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that would cater to their diverse customer base, ranging from large government contracts to individuals seeking personalized services. Our goal was to create a digital roadmap that would complement their focus on building and maintaining strong customer relationships.


In collaboration with the plumbing services provider, ran co-design sessions to understand their target customers, business opportunities, and overarching strategy. We profiled the target audience, mapped the sales journey, reviewed their brand proposition, and conducted a thorough competitor analysis. Our research also involved studying digital engagement trends and market insights to identify opportunities for the plumbing services provider to differentiate themselves and thrive in the digital



The plumbing services provider aimed to position themselves as industry leaders, trusted advisors, and preferred providers for plumbing services across Australia. With their expertise and wide range of services, they saw an opportunity to expand their market presence and attract new customers. Our goal was to develop a digital strategy that would enhance their brand visibility, streamline their sales process, and foster strong customer relationships.


Working closely with the plumbing services provider, we delivered a comprehensive digital strategy and roadmap for their business:

Target Audience Profiling: We thoroughly profiled their target audience(s) to gain a deep understanding of their needs, preferences, and pain points. This enabled us to tailor the digital strategy and ensure its effectiveness in engaging and converting potential customers.

Sales Journey Mapping: We mapped out the end-to-end sales journey, from initial awareness to securing contracts and nurturing ongoing customer relationships. This allowed us to identify touchpoints where digital engagement could be optimized to maximize conversions and customer satisfaction.

Value Proposition Refinement: We conducted a thorough review of the plumbing services provider’s value proposition to ensure its alignment with the digital strategy. We refined their messaging, positioning, and visual identity to effectively communicate their value proposition to their target audience.

Digital Marketing Plan: We developed a digital marketing plan to drive brand awareness and generate leads. This included identifying relevant digital channels, defining content strategies, and establishing metrics to measure success.

Website and User Experience Enhancement: We conducted a thorough audit of their existing website and user experience to identify areas for improvement.

Customer Engagement Strategies: We created a customer engagement plan that outlined long-term strategies for building and nurturing customer relationships. This included implementing personalized communications, loyalty programs, and proactive customer support initiatives.

The Result

Our collaboration with the leading Australian plumbing services provider resulted in a comprehensive digital strategy that positioned them for growth and success:

Increased Brand Visibility: The digital marketing plan and website enhancements outlined in the strategy aimed to significantly increase the plumbing services provider’s brand visibility and reach within their target market. The implementation of these initiatives would pave the way for a steady influx of leads and opportunities for growth.

Streamlined Sales Process: The strategy included optimizing the sales journey and improving the website user experience to streamline the plumbing services provider’s sales process. By making it easier for potential customers to engage, inquire, and convert, the aim was to achieve increased conversions and improved customer satisfaction.

Strong Customer Relationships: The digital strategy encompassed customer engagement strategies designed to foster strong customer relationships and promote loyalty. The goal was to enhance the overall customer experience and contribute to long-term customer satisfaction.

While our collaboration focused on developing the comprehensive digital strategy, the plumbing services provider would be responsible for the implementation and execution of the specific initiatives outlined. The strategy served as a roadmap for their future endeavors, guiding them towards increased brand visibility, a streamlined sales process, and stronger customer relationships.