Health in good hands

The aspiration of Thrivor is simply this… fearlessly and unashamedly advocate for the needs of those going through a health challenge, their family, and caregivers, putting them in the best possible place to thrive no matter what their prognosis.


The Challenge

As Head of Design at SleevesUp, our collaboration with Thrivor, a healthcare start-up, aimed to address the inefficiencies and challenges faced by patients navigating the healthcare system. The goal was to develop an app that would connect patients and hospitals while providing practical support and streamlining communication.


Through extensive qualitative research and collaboration with Thrivor, we gained deep insights into the experiences of patients dealing with life-altering diseases. We analyzed the existing healthcare system, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. Understanding the prevalence of smartphones among Australians and the need for streamlined, digital solutions, we embarked on designing an app that would revolutionize patient care.


The Thrivor app sought to empower patients by providing them with personalized support and reminders for appointments, fasting regimens, and other necessary preparations. The platform also aimed to improve communication and efficiency between patients and healthcare providers, reducing wasted appointments and enhancing patient satisfaction. Additionally, Thrivor recognized the potential to support medical bodies conducting clinical trials, providing them with a comprehensive schedule of patient appointments and improving adherence to treatment plans.

The Solution

Working closely with Thrivor, SleevesUp developed an intuitive and user-friendly app that connected patients and hospitals seamlessly. The app enabled patients to receive appointment reminders, fasting regimens, and practical support services such as finding local services for daily tasks. Simultaneously, healthcare providers gained access to a portal for effective communication and treatment plan management. This digital solution replaced traditional paper-based systems, fostering a more streamlined and connected healthcare experience.

The Result

The Thrivor app successfully addressed the challenges faced by patients navigating the healthcare system. By providing personalized reminders and support, patients were better prepared for appointments, leading to improved adherence to treatment plans. The app’s integration with clinical trials allowed medical bodies to efficiently manage patient schedules, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and data collection. Furthermore, Thrivor’s partnership with a global pharmaceutical company expanded its reach and user base, demonstrating its potential as a valuable tool for the healthcare industry.

Through our collaboration with Thrivor, we enabled patients to regain control over their healthcare journey, reducing the complexities and frustrations associated with medical treatment. The innovative app proved to be a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare sector, exemplifying how technology and user-centered design can revolutionize patient care and empower individuals facing life-altering diseases.

Thrivor App & Admin Portal
Agency: SleevesUp
Client: Thrivor
My Roles: UX Strategy, User Research, Service Design, Product Design