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Health in good hands.

The aspiration of thrivor is simply this… fearlessly and unashamedly advocate for the needs of the those going through a health challenge, their family and caregivers, putting them in the best possible place to thrive no matter what their prognosis.

Thrivor helps solve the everyday challenges for people living with a health crisis. Thrivor brings together products and services to support patients outside their medical care, from transport to treatment, to the everyday logistics that it takes to keep your life running after a chronic disease diagnosis, starting with cancer.

Thrivor also provides the clinical trial network and hospitals a better way to manage schedules, outpatient appointments, communications, payments and compliance.

The thrivor platform has two key products:

  1. An end user patient app that acts as a support tool for life outside a patient’s clinical care
  2. An administration portal for communication and appointment facilitation for health service providers.

Zef’s contributions included:

  • Working with the Product Owner to envision and action the product roadmap
  • The design of the MVP, enabling thrivor to secure funding for growth
  • Usability testing
  • Establishment of UI patterns
  • Sales


The people involved in clinical trials are stuck with ageing technology and paper-based systems. This has resulted in a plethora of issues and inefficiencies for the trials, their administrators and participants.

Firstly, the trials rely on a regular supply of people who match specific criteria. The recruitment process is manual, slow and expensive. Then, it’s common for participants to not turn up for their appointments. When they do turn up, participants can wait months for payment.


The founders of thrivor have been through their own personal health crises giving us a good grounding in understanding the issues people face in their family life, health system and clinical trials. We also met with patients, their primary caregivers and health providers. These interviews uncovered that patients rely on a strong support network of friends and family.

In addition to their prognosis, they have the burden of juggling appointments, facilitating support, seeking financial help and sharing communications. The insights revealed that primary caregivers and health providers are key to ensuring good outcomes for the patient. In addition, we undertook contextual enquiries, spending time with clinical trial clients, listening to their concerns around the wastage and inefficiencies that exist in the current system.



Thrivor saw a chance to empower health providers and primary caregivers by giving them better tools to help solve the everyday challenges of their patients. There was also a gap in the market to deliver a clinical trial experience with an end-to-end solution including recruitment, appointment scheduling and on-the-spot payments for participants.



thrivor is truly patient-centric having being created from the ground up with the patient’s best interests at heart. A co-ordinated experience for all, the thrivor platform, built by SleevesUp, offers a range of support services and tools for patients, their community, health providers and the clinical trial network.

For patients, thrivor brings together products and services outside of their medical care, including the ability to build a support team of friends and family, share appointments, facilitate support and to allow friends and family to chip-in support with a digital wallet. To complement the patient experience thrivor provides the clinical trial sites with a better way to manage participants, schedules, appointments, communications, payments and compliance.

Product thrivor
Launched 2017
Agency SleevesUp

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