“Just get it sorted for me…”

…is something we hear a lot – so we decided to do something about it. Sorted is our way to help people, and disrupt the slow, impersonal, inflexible way service providers treat their customers.

The Challenge

As the Head of Design at SleevesUp, I had the privilege of collaborating with Sorted Services, a dynamic start-up aimed at simplifying household services across Australia. Our challenge was to disrupt the traditional, impersonal approach of service providers and create a user-friendly app that would revolutionize how customers manage their properties and services.


Working closely with the Sorted Services team, my team conducted extensive research to understand the pain points and frustrations experienced by tenants, agents, landlords, homeowners, and tradespeople. This research involved customer profiling, usability testing, and gathering insights to inform both the design and marketing strategies.


The opportunity lay in creating an end-to-end property experience that would streamline various processes and consolidate multiple services into one platform. Alongside designing a user-friendly mobile app, we recognized the importance of developing a robust marketing and communications strategy to effectively reach and engage our target audience.

The Solution

In my role as both the Head of Design and Acting Marketing & Communications Manager, I played a pivotal role in shaping the overall strategy for Sorted Services. Key contributions included:

  • Collaborating with the Founders, CEO and CPO to define the product roadmap and prioritize features based on evidence-based user needs.
  • Introducing Lean UX Agile principles to ensure iterative and efficient design processes, while aligning marketing efforts with the development timeline.
  • Developing a comprehensive marketing and communications plan to create awareness, generate leads, and drive user adoption of the Sorted app.
  • Crafting a compelling brand story and messaging that resonated with the target audience and highlighted the unique value proposition of Sorted Services.
  • Collaborating with the design team, external agencies and partners to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints, including the app interface, SaaS web portal, marketing collateral, and social media channels.

The Result

The collaborative efforts between Sorted Services, SleevesUp, and my dual role as the Head of Design and Acting Marketing & Communications Manager resulted in hard-won outcomes:

  • Seamless integration of design elements and brand messaging across all touchpoints, creating a consistent and compelling user experience.
  • Recruitment of some of Australia’s top real estate agencies, indicating that Sorted Services successfully addressed the pain points of tenants, agents, landlords and homeowners.
  • Successful capital raising of A$5.6 million in the first round, showcasing investor confidence in the Sorted Services’ value proposition and growth potential.
  • Establishment of Sorted Services as a leader in the property services industry, setting new standards for customer satisfaction and user-centered design.

Today, Sorted Services offers a comprehensive digital platform that streamlines home management and the property lifecycle for property managers, tenants, landlords, and sales staff. Additionally, the platform provides property owners and managers with a deeply integrated partnership and monetization model. Sorted’s partners have complete control over the customer experience and their valuable data. This virtuous cycle not only generates additional revenue for property agents and tenants but also fosters richer customer engagement opportunities, further enhancing the overall experience.

Product Sorted Services
Launched 2017
Agency SleevesUp
My roles: Head of Design, UX Strategy, Service Design, Marketing & Comms Manager

Sorted Services Introduction Video from Sorted Services on Vimeo.