September 2005

  • Hurricane Rentokil

    A hand drier has just been installed at the Provoke toilets, and it’s creating chaos… …all because of a string of simple usability issues. The source of the issue (arguably) is the paper hand towel dispenser. The towels are the big chunky variety – great for absorbing moisture and muck, but they don’t collapse down…

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  • Down Traden

    Are you paying too much when buying goods on Trade Me? All it takes to find out is a couple of Googles. Last July our juicer became redundant. That is, I was enthusiastically trying to clean out the hard-to-reach festering gungy bits of fruit pulp, and the thing just flew apart (I blame the designers…

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  • Thematics

    My customer experience today at a ‘Theme Basics Store’ in Wellington… [ZEF] Hi, do you sell shower curtains? [TBS SHOP ASSISTANT] Yes – over there… (points) [ZEF] (looks over) They look great – can you tell me what length they are? [TBS] Hang on (finds a brochure) 180cm or 190cm – it depends – we’ve…

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