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I’ve been contemplating if I should ditch my blog and vanish. What do you think?

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While my blog subscribers have halved in the past year, the other statistics indicate this (niche) site is still reasonably popular, attracting over 100,000 unique visitors in the past 12 months.

So, I know you’re out there and I’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t regularly comment on blogs, please consider taking a minute to tell me and the other readers:

1. Who are you? If it’s not too personal, what’s your name and job title?
2. What industry or field do you work in or most strongly identify with?
3. What do you most want to see happening on this blog?

And anything else you want to talk about.

And if you are new here or need a reminder here’s a list of the articles I’ve published on this site over the past few years…

10 responses to “blogger blogs blogging”

  1. Laurie Avatar

    Zef – I love reading your blog and always find it interesting and thought provoking. It is a different way of knowing you than in person – helps me know and appreciate you more fully. Is there some way I can be emailed when you add to it? And I am sad i missed out on it for so long not knowing it was here. But only do it if you enjoy it. And keep a hard copy for your children. As for subject matter – I like knowing what is close to your heart, your ideas & inspirations, also your humour and pointers to interesting things you find out there in cyberspace.

  2. Matt Gould Avatar

    Don’t ditch it now! It’s not the number of subscribers, it’s the hotness of them. Some of your subscribers are pretty hot I’m sure.

    Also I need your blog for the following reasons:

    Occasionally I learn something.
    Or at least it makes me think about something.
    It makes me giggle like a little girl.
    I’m going overseas and it will keep me in touch with the design world here.
    It is the only design blog by a Spanish Vegan who refuses to wash his hair I know off. You should blog more about that.

    You you need your Blog for these reasons

    It helps you to focus your thoughts.
    It keeps your head in the big design picture as opposed to drowning in the details of whatever your current project is.

    Also all other communication I have with you is peppered with lies.

  3. Dave Moskovitz Avatar

    Don’t give it up Zef, we love you and your writing!

  4. Tim Wright Avatar

    What Matt said. Only I don’t giggle like a girl. However, I’m glad that he finally realized that I’m hot.

  5. Isha Avatar

    Keep at it Zef! Always great to hear your take on interaction design. So what if readership might be down this year – think of the people who are still subscribed!

  6. B-rent Avatar

    Version 1:
    Hard call, Zeffer. I’d love to have you lighting up my Bloglines for as long as you can keep on keeping on, but it’s up to you.
    I’ve always liked the way you mix the human (namely, you) into the blog – even when you’re talking about some esoteric sh#t you’re still keeping it real for the reader. I like all the nice diagrams, too.
    But the notion of digital downsizing is attractive. Your call, but know you’ll be missed.

  7. B-rent Avatar

    Version 2:
    Zef. Keep blogging or else I’ll be forced to eat a packet of chicken chips. You heard me – chicken!

  8. Lulu Avatar

    Zef! I love you so! please don’t go, please don’t go. That’s the extent of my creative writing. But, really, I like your writing and subtle pokes. Maybe a bi-monthly, calling it Bi-Zef (hmmm – maybe not setting the right expectation) but I will definitely look forward to it.

  9. Zef Avatar

    Thanks for those who have commented so far, but I need more reponses! I’m not yet convinced…

    PS: I’m now also blogging occassionally over at Click Suite

  10. Cindy Stanford Avatar

    I’m an American grad student at Wichita State University in Wichita, KS, learning about usability and human computer interaction in general. I am particularly interested in ubiquitous computing and mobile user experience but no one at my university studies ubicomp at all or mobile UX primarily, so I’m left to learn from others, mostly through social media.

    I have just come across this blog. I searched for Foo Camp 2008 on Slideshare and found your presentation. I was disappointed to find someone like you and your blog then see you’re considering vanishing. Please don’t. The world needs you online.