• Empowering Customers & Optimising Power Consumption

    Empowering Customers & Optimising Power Consumption

    The Challenge The Tally Digital team was approached by Simply Energy Australia with a request to provide a solution that empowers customers to manage their energy usage effectively and optimize power consumption. During the collaboration, load disaggregation emerged as a promising option. This innovative approach offers valuable insights into energy consumption patterns and opens up…

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  • Innovations in Energy

    Innovations in Energy

    The Challenge At Tally, I embarked, with my team, on the challenge set by EnergyAustralia: to create user-friendly and modern energy services that save customers time and money. Our goal was to simplify the energy experience, address pain points, and establish EnergyAustralia as a leader in the energy industry. Research Collaborating with EnergyAustralia’s in-house user…

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  • Health in good hands

    Health in good hands

    The aspiration of Thrivor is simply this… ..to fearlessly and unashamedly advocate for the needs of those going through a health challenge, their family, and caregivers, putting them in the best possible place to thrive no matter what their prognosis.   The Challenge As Head of Design at SleevesUp, our collaboration with Thrivor, a healthcare…

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  • “Just get it sorted for me…”

    “Just get it sorted for me…”

    …is something we hear a lot – so we decided to do something about it. Sorted is our way to help people, and disrupt the slow, impersonal, inflexible way service providers treat their customers. The Challenge As the Head of Design at SleevesUp, I had the privilege of collaborating with Sorted Services, a dynamic start-up…

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  • Mataatua Wharenui

    Mataatua Wharenui

    An ambitious project using ‘digital projection mapping’ which melds ancient carvings and modern technology.

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  • Behavioural Change to Reduce Energy Loads

    Behavioural Change to Reduce Energy Loads

    The Challenge Tally joined forces with Simply Energy Australia to tackle a pressing challenge: engaging customers in a volatile energy market while curbing peak load. Recognizing the significance of customer loyalty, Simply Energy sought a valuable and user-friendly demand response experience. Research Our research dived into customer expectations and energy usage habits. Industry reports, customer…

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  • IoT for the win! 

    IoT for the win! 

    Case Study: Scorz Agency: SleevesUp Client: Scorz Our Challenge As the UX Design Lead at SleevesUp, we were approached by Scorz, the global leader in live sports IoT celebration products. They sought our expertise in designing their new consumer retail brand and optimizing the user experience across their hardware IoT products and digital presence. The…

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  • Giving made easy

    Giving made easy

    Case Study: Revolutionizing Non-Profit Donor Management Agency: SleevesUp Client: Aida for Good The Challenge As Head of Design at SleevesUp, I partnered with Aida, a leading Not-for-Profit organization specializing in building quality, regular giving donors for other non-profit organizations. Our challenge was to replace their expensive and outdated technology stack while redesigning their fragmented customer…

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  • “Lower bills and lower emissions.  That’s good for business.”

    “Lower bills and lower emissions. That’s good for business.”

    The Challenge As the Head of Design at SleevesUp, I was entrusted with the task of building a Brand, UX and energy-spend engagement platform for SpendWatt. SpendWatt aimed to provide enterprises with a solution that would enhance customer retention and drive market share growth in the energy services industry. The challenge was to develop a…

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  • Smart Water

    Smart Water

    Case Study: Empowering Growth through Digital Strategy for a Leading Australian Plumbing Services Provider Agency: SleevesUp Client: New Plumbing Services The Challenge As Head of Design at SleevesUp, I had the opportunity to work with a leading Australian plumbing services provider on their UX Strategy. They sought to enhance their marketing strategy and leverage digital…

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  • Information Highways

    Information Highways

    NZ Ministry of Transport “Go Discover” Intranet Winner, 2008 Intranet Design Awards, Nielson Norman Group Microsoft Partner Solution of the Year Award 2007 In 2007 Provoke Solutions were instrumental in breaking new ground with Sharepoint, Microsoft’s enterprise CMS. The result was a radical new approach to information architecture winning the intranet a prestigious award from…

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  • Cheers!


    An experience that empowers a range of people to make good decisions on what, how often and how much they drink – no lecturing required!

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  • The Pollinator

    The Pollinator

    We took three common New Zealand insects – the honey bee, monarch and native hoverfly – and set them loose in an amazing virtual rose garden.

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  • Future Cities

    Future Cities

    Visitors are challenged to create an environmentally friendly city using physical blocks and augmented reality.

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  • Lifelines


    A new way for the public to connect with the content housed in the various collections at the National Library of New Zealand.

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  • Omarino


    Selling gorgeous multi-million dollar properties to the world’s rich and famous.

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  • Fast, Fresh & Tasty

    Fast, Fresh & Tasty

    A recipe app for foodies.

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  • Pot Help

    Pot Help

    A self-help solution to help pot (marijuana) smokers quit.

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  • Infographics


    Part of my job is interpreting complex ideas and data and then visualising it.

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  • Mobile


    I’ve been designing interfaces and experiences for mobile devices since the late 1990s

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  • Online Retail

    Online Retail

    My online retail experience and successes for Powershop, Fast Fresh & Tasty, Fly Buys and Mitre 10.

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