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Click Suite

I’ve continuously looked ahead to the next big thing. A key reason I joined Click Suite was because I saw the touch-gesture revolution coming. … MoreClick Suite


From 2013-2016 I managed a multi award-winning team of nine designers including customer researchers, product designers and graphic designers. … MorePowershop


At Provoke Solutions (2004-2008) I managed a team of ten UX (user experience) specialists. … MoreProvoke


An experience that empowers a range of people to make good decisions on what, how often and how much they drink – no lecturing required! … MoreCheers!

The Pollinator

We took three common New Zealand insects – the honey bee, monarch and native hoverfly – and set them loose in an amazing virtual rose garden. … MoreThe Pollinator


A new way for the public to connect with the content housed in the various collections at the National Library of New Zealand. … MoreLifelines


Selling gorgeous multi-million dollar properties to the world’s rich and famous. … MoreOmarino


I’ve been designing interfaces and experiences for mobile devices since the late 1990s … MoreMobile

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